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Wednesday, 26 January 2011

RH - Target Audience

Are target audience is from ages 15-24, predominately male. We expect to get a bbfc rating of 15.  The reason for this target audience is that 15 + will be able to watch this film in the cinema. We have opened this up to the mid-twenties as it will be a sophisticated Slasher film with a plot. Our main target audience will be males as females don't tend to engage with this genre, with the Rom-com genre being more popular.

A link to a website which in detail explains the bbfc rating of '15'

Sexual content will not be shown in detail but we will signify that two people have had sex by the lack of clothes worn. The reason our production will not be branded with an 18 rating is because we do not discriminated or promote drugs in anyway. We also will not include sexual violence.

Language. We don't intend to use persistent abusive language but it will include some strong language which is why it will gain a 15 bbfc rating.

Violence, we will not include any imitable violence. We shall only include the act of murder. By doing this we will not impose the feeling of suffering, as that would be regarded as torcher. Within our film we will not cross the boundaries of strong gore. Because of the lack of funding and special effects difficult to create we will not show strong gore on screen, but leave it to the audiences imagination which can be more powerful.

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