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Friday, 28 January 2011

GG - Filming our first few shots

We decided to film our opening few shots in an old and large house. With the house having an old feeling about it we believe this would signify a feeling of unsettlement to our film. The feeling that maybe the house is haunted. 

Our first few shots were taken from outside the house, signifying the feeling that someone is watching. We chose to film as the light was going to signify night was to come. We believe that when watching a film darkness always makes you feel more uncomfortable and less safe. We also took some shots with branches hanging over the lens of the camera to make you think that the person 'watching' is trying to hide from them. 

Our next set of shots were done inside. It was of the 'couple' coming down the stairs after just having a romantic evening to themselves. You can tell this by the male only wearing a dressing gown. 

We then have a match on action shot of the male opening the door for her. He then kisses her on the cheek and they say there goodbyes. With only few words exchanged it leaves the viewer guessing of what they have been up to.  

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