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Friday, 28 January 2011

GG - Deconstruction: Slashers (Maurice Devereaux) (2001)

 A link to Sophie Dixon's blog - Deconstruction done together
Low Budget film - $165,000 estimated.
No sequal.
Slahers is about a japanese game show wherer the contestant compete to survive, and at the end the final girl/man is giver a sum of $12,000,000.

1. Time period is signified by the clothing, hairstyles, the show itself & the attitudes of the contestants (e.g. males view of the female competitors).
2. The location is signified by the language spoken by the host of the show and the fact that it is set in a studio.
3. Social class is signified by contestants' accents and clothing worn, for example Megan is an upple/middle class citizen signified by the clothing she wears (not in any way revealing) and her attitudes towards the show and she is only competing to prove the point she disagrees with the morals of the show wheras other citizens are willing and happy to compete signifing they are working class and need the money.
4. We know from the previous series clips shown straightaway the film is going to involve nudity and violence when a former contestants top is pulled up and she is stabbed in the stomache.
5. Costumes and make-up shown used by the killers shows us that the killings are going to be brutal and that the people involved are not right in the head.

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