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Wednesday, 26 January 2011

GG - Deconstruction of 'Hell Night'


Tom DeSimone (1981)

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  • The opening of this film is a girl screaming, it is an extreme close up of her mouth. This gives the viewer an idea that bad is to come and foreshadows the bad events to come. 
  • There is then a long shot of people at a party. The camera gradually moves past a set of people out side with no cut away shots, its is all one continuos shot.
  • There is diegetic music being played at the party. But you get the impression it could be Non diegetic sound because as the camera travels further away the volume of the music stays the same. 
  • As the camera moves credits come onto the screen. They are in a red font with could help signify blood and evil.
  • It takes 1.38 minutes before the first cut away shot. 
  • It takes 2.30 minutes before we get any dialogue. 

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