Group Roles

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Throughout the filming progress we will all take on these roles:

Cinematography - Harry Knight
Director - George Gamble
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Tuesday, 14 December 2010

GG - Brief idea of our coursework idea

Published by George Gamble

Working title - Road-Side
  • The opening scene in our production is a women driving a car along a country road. We will use many different camera shots of the car traveling along such as; a close up of the car wheel moving, the car driving past a standing camera. Also because we have the use of two cars we can use motion pictures of the car following a car in front with a camera in. 
  • Our next scene will be of a young child sat in the road, breathing heavily whilst wearing a mask. 
  • They will also be wearing a blood stained shirt to create an evil feel to the plot. The car will be driving up a hill. We will see the car from over the shoulder of the child. 
  • The women will stop the car. We will get an extreme close-up of her looking towards the child followed by a long-shot of the boy. 
  • Her door will be pulled open and a man dressed in a black suit will drag her out the car. She will be screaming. There will then be a sudden cut, we will have changed scene into a dark basement. 
  • We will see a long-shot of the women sat tied to a chair. A man will then walk past the camera holding some sort of weapon. (either a kitchen knife or a baseball bat) 

Actors Needed

  • We will need a girl aged around 17-21 to be the main character. 
  • We will also need a male aged around 17-20 to play the male murderer. 
  • We will also need a young child aged around 10-12 to play for the short role of the child sat in the road.

Tuesday, 7 December 2010

GG - A deconstruction of '5ive Girls'

Published by GG

5ive Girls (Warren. P. Sonoda, 2006)

Budget: $3M

  • Starts with an extreme long establishing Shot of an old building with a high fence around its perimeter. This could signify that the building is either trying to keep people on or keep them out. 
  • We can denote that it is a religious building because we get a close up of a girl holding Rosemary Beed's which connotes religion.
  • The school girl in a school is the equilibrium.
  • A soft piece of non-diegetic music is used to help create suspense. Piano and soft strings. 
  • A cross falls off the wall and breaks. Foreshadowing bad events are to come. 
  • The lighting becomes dark signifying bad is to come, the non-diegetic music speeds up creating tension. 
  • Not much dialog is used but a lot of Mise-en-scene is used. 
  • An extreme close up of the girl touching the priest's hand has polysemic meaning that she could have sinned. 
  • An extreme close up of her eyes shows fire in them which could signify evil. 
  • There is a lot of shot variation used to create a feel of un-certainty and to make it more interesting.
  • Lots of use's of cut away shots.