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Cinematography - Harry Knight
Director - George Gamble
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Thursday, 20 January 2011

GG - A deconstruction of 'Halloween' (1978)

Director: John Carpenter

Box Office


 $320,000 (estimated)


 $47,000,000 (USA)
  • At the start we see '1.58 minutes' worth of credits. It is in orange writing with a black background which helps signify the genre horror, also signifying evil and sadness. Non diegetic music is used to help build up the tension, this gets the viewers heart beat pumping with nerves. We could use this in our production when we are building up to a significant scene in our film. We then see the camera gradually move towards the pumpkin, going from a long shot to an extreme close-up finally traveling through the eye of the pumpkin. This helps provide anchorage for the film title of 'Halloween.'

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  1. don't be leaving these to come back to - its vital you've fully worked through these so that your own production is well informed by genre conventions, which you're able to discuss having looked at a good range yourself!!!


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