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Wednesday, 26 January 2011

RH - Cast finalised

Today we have finalised our cast!
We have snapped up the stunningMegan Claydon cast as our'Scream Queen'. The character name is still to be decided but we are delighted to have her on board and we believe she is perfect for the role. She appears very similar to 'Casey' from 'Scream' and this is why we have cast her as she represents the key conventions of a 'Scream Queen' in the Slasher genre.

We have cast the young popular star in James Crowther as our killer. We have decided to make this decision based on the fact that he is a strong threatening character. He will also play the 'Screen Queens' boyfriend, this is a twist that is scripted later in the plot however in our opening the killers identity will be left as a narrative enigma.

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