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Sunday, 20 March 2011

Evaluation Question three

What kind of media institution might distribute your media product and why?

The genre of our film is Slasher/Horror. In researching and planning, I looked at many other films in this genre and looked at their distributors. This helped me understand what sort of companies we could aim our production at.  A link to a list of new realised films

Evaluation research                                                                                            

Our film is a low budget production/indie film, which means we would aim to target companies such as Warp X and Warp films. These are both low budget production companies that have produced films such as Donkey Punch and Dead Mans Shoes. This means we would avoid companies such as Working Title, who create high budget films. A link to Warp Films

"We make digital films with budgets between £400,000 and 800,000 for theatrical distribution in the UK and internationally. Our films are genre based but with acutely original interpretations that will ensure they stand out in the market place. We do not make character based drama or ultra-cheap versions of mainstream Hollywood studio films."
                                                                        (...Warp films Website

The distribution company for Warp films is Optimum Realising. They have distributed films such as Dead Mans Shoes, This is England, Donkey Punch and Cry Wolf. These are all low budget films in the region of £400 000 - £800 000. 
  • Dead mans Shoes (2004)  - Budget £727 000 - US Box Office - $6 013   
  • Cry Wolf (2005)  - Budget - $1 000 000 - US Box office - $10 047 674 
  • Donkey Punch (2008)  - Budget - £500 000 US Box office - $18 378 
This shows that Warp films have had some success in the USA after making a film with a low budget. Donkey Punch ended up making £144, 953 in its opening weekend. This shows there is also big success available for low budget films in the UK. 

Most films within this genre nowadays don't use big named actors/actresses. This is because the main characters and usually killed off, which would create issues for the actor and the viewers attracted to the film by the star name. Scream was one of the first films to follow this idea. This meant they avoided playing high wages to the actors. 

After looking at these figures, I have found that people are still making money off the Slasher/horror genre productions. However they tend to make their money from DVD realises. Not many low budget British films make it to the major cinemas, and when they do they don't get lots of screen time. I could find extra funding for my production from or similar bodies following recent withdrawal of funding. funding changes

Therefore I believe my production would be distributed by a company like Optimum Realising and make money through DVD sales. Most low budget slasher/horror films find themselves making their money through this means. This is because it is such a competitive market at the moment for this genre of films. I have also find that companies such as Optimum Realising mainly attract a British audience, this limiting my target audience. They have found it hard to make sales abroad. 

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