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Sunday, 20 March 2011

Evaluation Question Six

What have you learnt about technologies from the process of constructing this product?

     Throughout this process my knowledge of 'technology' has been vastly improved. We used an array of different software programmes using Apple Mac computers. For example we used imovie, LiveType and Garageband. 

     The main program we used was imovie.  This was because we edited our footage on this piece of software. Having already had basic knowledge on how to use imovie I felt I had a good head start.  Throughout the process though I learnt more advanced skills, getting use to the program more.  I gained understanding of how to change the Non diegetic and dietetic volume levels, how to speed up shots and slow them down for the car crash scene and why and how to use transitions. The main use of a transition in our production was to show an ellipsis, a change in time. We used the fade in and out for this.  

      I had also used Garageband before so was use to the format of the software. Originally I was going to compose a soundtrack for our film using this, but Roam managed to find a professional musician/composer. I learnt how hard it actually is to compose a piece of music that fits to your selection of shot's. This was because I struggled to get the sounds to fit the movement of what was going happening on the screen. I also found that there is a big variety of sounds and instruments you can use. 

     When creating our Idents we used a Software called LiveType. It was down to my fellow group member Harry to complete these, so I didn't get involved with this program as much as I would have liked. When I watched him making the idents though, I tried to have a go and learn a bit more about Live Type. I found it was quite an easy piece of software to use once you knew what you were doing on it. I also learnt how much you can achieve when creating the idents. Overall we were very happy with them. 


          All of our work we did I posted onto, mainly for research and my coursework. I had never used this website before and have really found it interesting to use.  I learnt how to make blog posts, insert images and videos, use hyper links... I tried to make my blog as colourful and as interesting as possible.

     Another website I used was called This was where we uploaded our podcasts and audio files that we had completed. This was a good way to demonstrate group discussion. We tried to keep them under a minute. We used a voice recorder to recorded our podcasts. We then uploaded them onto DivShare and then embedded them onto our blog. 

    We also used which allowed us to upload written documents onto our blog. For example our Storyboards and Call sheets. This helped us when we were on set to work efficiently, because we were working at night we had limited time. 

     I uploaded all my footage onto then embedded it onto my blog. This allowed me to do vodcasts (Video podcasts), upload rough cuts, soundtracks and videos of my research. 

     The main piece of equipment that we used was the Camera and Tripod. We learnt how to keep steady shots, how to zoom in and out and how to film in different lights (including day light, dusk and night time). The tripod was used to keep our shot still, we were told that when a still shot was needed the camera had to be very still.

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