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Thursday, 10 February 2011

GG - Night of Re-shooting

Our new recruitment Tom Pickersgill
             Tonight me and Roam re-shot our footage. Because we had problems with some of the cast we had to re-shoot the whole thing.
             We believe we have made the car crash scene much better and believable. We achieved this by taking more shots of the car swerving. This will look a lot better on screen. The Villain also spent less time on screen to add to his 'hidden identity.' You only really see him when he approaches the car after the crash. We use a lot more shot variation throughout the whole of it, this will give us a lot more footage to use when editing.
             Yet again our actress Megan Claydon did an excellent job and our new recruitment Tom Pickersgill also did an outstanding job.
             Tomorrow (Friday 11th feb) we plan to complete all of our filming and be ready for editing. Roam has manage to pull in an old friend to help with the soundtrack. We should have everything ready for monday (14th feb) and get adding all the final touches.

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