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Thursday, 3 February 2011

GG - New Ideas

              After applying the commutation test we had a discussion as a group and came up with some ideas. We have decided to change a few shot and re shoot some. The reason being we have had a change of idea for the story line, we want to make it look like Sam (the 'scream queens girlfriend) has something to do with the murder. We believe this will add more anchorage to who the killer is, making the viewer think Sam has something to do with it, connoting that he might be the killer.

              We have also decided that we need a bigger variety of shots inside the house. We think it is all to obvious and want to make it more interesting because there is not much Diegetic and Non-Diegetic sound. 

              Another key discussion was the car crash. We are not massively happy with the outcome so we are planning on going up and re shooting it. We also believe that we need more shots of the car traveling across the country road. 

              Apart from these factors we are happy with our filming. With just a few changes we hope to have a goof production by the end of it.

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