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Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Lessons from Micro-Drama

  • I have learnt when making my Micro-drama how to plan a story board. We found that you can always change the plot of your story as your making the film, but from my own experience this is hard to do. In our production we didn't do enough shots so the camera angles didn't change during a scene. They were all one shot. Next time when filming our production i plan to do the same scene, but more than once from a different set of angles to help make the scenes more interesting.
  • When filming i learnt how to fully use and prepare the camera and tripod.  Once i had done this we experimented with all the angles and shots we could use. They are easy to use once you have gained the full idea of how to function with them.
  • During the production of our Micro-Drama i leant how to use the basic's of imovie. Although i have used it in the past i needed refreshing on how to work it. I found there are a lot of things you can do to drastically improve the film and make it much more interesting for the viewer. 

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