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Tuesday, 12 October 2010

My 5 Fave Films

Peter Jackson
1. The Lord Of The Rings - Return Of The King - 
Peter Jackson (2003) 

Budget - $377 million
UK Box Office - £61.06m

The editing of this film is outstanding. A film that really catches the viewers. 


2. Dodgeball - 
Rawson Marshall Thurber (2004)

Budget - $20 million
Rawson Marshall Thurber

I film that can be watched over and over. It never fails 
to make me laugh.

3. The Dark Knight - 
Christopher Nolan (2008)

Budget - $185 million
Christopher Nolan

 A film which is good all the way through. Heath Ledger plays the Joker superbly.

4. Anchorman - 
AdamMcKay (2004) 

Budget - $25 million
UK Box Office - £50 million
Adam McKay

 A Will Ferrell special. Great set of acting and very well thought of storyline.

5. The Shawshank Redemption - 
Frank Darabont (1995)

Budget - $35m
Frank Darabont

A wise film with a very well thought of storyline. Shows that
not every man in Prison is a criminal. 

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